Getting the call that your loved one is in jail is terrifying.  Gathering information about what is happening and what to do next can be incredibly aggravating.  When someone has been arrested and booked into jail, they will go before a judge within 48 hours of their arrest. The judge will review the information given to them by the arresting officer and determine whether there is enough information to allege a crime has been committed.  If enough information is found, then the judge will, in most circumstances, issue a bond amount, bond conditions if applicable, and the case will be assigned to a Court. Only after this process happens will your loved one be able to call someone.

If you have received a call like this, the first thing you can do is call the jail where your loved one is being held to see if they have seen the judge and if a bond amount has been set.  Protocols vary on how much information the jail will provide you.  Oftentimes it takes a request from an attorney or bondsman to obtain information about someone in custody.   Call an attorney immediately to help you get information on where your loved one is and what it will take to get them out of jail.