Not without discussing your options with your ATTORNEY.

  • As an accused, you cannot be forced to speak to anyone regarding your case. You have the right to assert your 5th Amendment Constitutional Right to remain silent and not to make incriminating statements at this stage.
  • Your attorney IS NOT allowed in a Grand Jury Proceeding. You would be subjecting yourself to questions from the State Prosecutor and the Grand Jurors without representation.
  • Witness statements made in a grand jury proceeding are sworn, recorded statements that may be used against you at a later date.
  • In some circumstances, it is possible to provide information to a Grand Jury, through the prosecutor without having to be questioned.

Testifying in front of a Grand Jury is a serious thing.  It is IMPORTANT that you make this potentially life-changing choice with advice from your attorney. Once you testify, anything said cannot be taken back.