BEFORE going in to talk to the police you should call an Attorney.

Police or investigators use many tactics and tools in investigating a crime, however consensual cooperation is among the most powerful tool. Consensual encounters with police carry significantly fewer protections for the person giving consent.  Police are legally able to misinform you, scare you and record you without your knowledge. Oftentimes police will try to get you to consent to talking with them, giving you a false sense of security that by just cooperating, charges will not be pursued. Consensual conversations with police can be extremely risky.  These conversations or interviews are oftentimes recorded by law enforcement and any statements made can be used against you in a criminal case. Once a statement is given, it cannot be taken back. There is no “un-ringing the bell”. An attorney can help guide you and arrange for important information to be shared with law enforcement while protecting your rights.

Protect yourself and ask for an attorney BEFORE you waive your Constitutional rights and speak to law enforcement.