Grand Jurys:

  • Every felony case has to go before the Grand Jury before it is allowed to move forward to a trial in Court.
  • Grand Jurys meet multiple times during their term and hear multiple cases during one meeting.
  • Grand Jurys are only tasked with determining if the arresting/investigating agency had probable cause to arrest. This is a very low burden and easily obtainable.
  • Grand Jurys are allowed to consider all facts, regardless of whether they would be admissible in Court.
  • Grand Jurys are operated exclusively by the prosecutors.  Defense attorneys are not allowed access to grand jury proceedings.

Trial Jurys:

  • Trial Jurys are selected to hear the facts about one case and make a determination on if a person is guilty or not guilty.
  • Trial Jurys must determine if the State has proven all the elements of the offense charged beyond a reasonable doubt, the highest burden in our justice system.
  • Information given to Trial Jurys are subject to the rules of evidence.
  • The State and Defense attorneys are required to be present at all proceedings in front of a trial jury.