What Types Of Motions Can Be Filed In My Case?

Frequent motions regarding bonds: Motions to reduce your bond amount. Motions to amend your bond conditions.  Frequent motions regarding probation:  Motions to amend probation conditions if you are on probation. Motions to end a probation term early. Frequent motions regarding evidence: Motions to suppress evidence illegally seized in your case.

What Types Of Motions Can Be Filed In My Case?2020-07-28T15:13:19-06:00

How Do Motions Work?

Filing a motion for the Court is typically handled in the following way: Your attorney will speak to you about what you are seeking to change, such as bond conditions. After gathering necessary information, your attorney will write a motion (an official request) asking for the changes discussed. Your attorney will file the motion with [...]

How Do Motions Work?2020-07-28T15:02:37-06:00
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