How Do I Choose Between A Jury Or A Bench Trial?

The choice to take a case to a trial is one that should be made with careful consideration after a COMPLETE review of your entire case.  The decision to choose between a bench trial or a jury trial can affect the outcome of your case.  It is important to have an attorney advocating for you [...]

How Do I Choose Between A Jury Or A Bench Trial?2020-07-30T14:21:06-06:00

What is a bench trial?

A bench trial is a trial held solely in front of the presiding Judge. The Judge listens to all evidence, makes the same procedural decisions as in a jury trial and decides whether a person is guilty or not guilty. If a Judge finds you guilty, the judge then will assess punishment.

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What is a jury trial?

A jury trial is a trial where citizens are selected to hear the evidence in a case and determine if the state provided sufficient evidence to find if a crime was committed beyond a reasonable doubt. A Jury can be made up of either  6 or 12 citizens, depending on the degree of your offense. [...]

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