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My Promise to You

  • I will listen to you and will be available.
  • You will be treated with respect, compassion and courtesy.
  • I will answer your questions and return calls in a reasonable time.
  • All your legal work will be done directly by me, not a paralegal or secretary.
  • I will explain legal concepts in simple English.
  • I will anticipate your needs and be ready to guide you to your next steps.
  • I will be honest with you about your case, the good and the bad.
  • If I cannot help you, I will try to help you find someone who can.


Every individual facing criminal charges is entitled to representation by a lawyer who is experienced and dedicated to building a strong defense case that leads to the best outcome.

Lytza Rojas, a former prosecutor, is among an elite group of Certified Criminal Law Specialists. Her experience in litigating cases ranging from misdemeanor to felony offenses spans over a decade.

If you’re seeking an attorney who provides personalized service and aggressive representation, Lytza Rojas is the right choice. She will put your interests first and ensure the system knows you as a person, not just a case number.


I had the absolute pleasure of being represented by Ms. Rojas. The level of professionalism  exhibited  was and is beyond reproach, not too mention a warm demeanor which in my mind is very important, I felt as if she looked at me like a human, when the justice system does such a great job in dehumanizing the individual. In the midst of such Ms. Rojas was anything but “typical” or “conventional” when one hears the term lawyer. Meaning, she was not there to just take my money, or work for my accuser, both of which I have experienced before when dealing with previous lawyers. Ms. Rojas handled my case with a sense of urgency and vigor, and after nearly 4 years of waiting, and dealing with this issue and various lawyers, Ms. Rojas won and my case was dismissed in a matter of months. I, for one, cannot thank her enough and applaud her for being an honest lawyer in a sea of sharks.
Xavier, Dallas, Texas


Williamson County Bar Association – PRESIDENT

Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association – MEMBER

Bell County Bar Association – MEMBER


Lytza is Board Certified in Criminal Law. Of the over 90,000 lawyers in Texas, only 7,200 hold this specialization.

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