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Pre Trial Diversion Program

A Pre-Trial Intervention Program (PTIP) is a program designed to give first time offenders a chance to avoid a criminal conviction. These specialty programs are administered through the local District or County Attorney’s Offices. Program requirements and details can vary greatly depending on the jurisdiction. It is important to consult with an attorney to see if you could qualify for a program such as this.

How do I get into a Pre-Trial Intervention Program?2020-07-30T13:44:24-06:00

Pre-Trial Intervention Program (PTIP) criteria can vary greatly, depending on the jurisdiction you are in. If you are qualified to apply for a PTIP program, you will be required to submit an application that could include a thorough program evaluation through the counties monitoring agency and a drug test. If you are deemed to be a good candidate, you will be required to sign a contract to be admitted into the program, a judicial confession to the offense you are being charged with and a pre-negotiated punishment in the event you are unsuccessful in the program.  Depending on your evaluation, PTIP programs may require you compete cognitive education courses, drug rehabilitation, submit to random drug tests and complete community service. Program fees and fees for the evaluation, drug tests and classes apply.

Why should I apply for a Pre-Trial Intervention Program?2020-07-30T13:54:46-06:00

PTIP programs provide excellent opportunities for people who made a mistake to have a second chance at a clear criminal history.  Just being arrested for a crime and having a criminal history carries the potential of long lasting collateral consequences. Successful completion of a PTIP program gives you a known outcome of a dismissal, without the time and expense of a trial.

After a complete review of all the facts and evidence in your case, if there is sufficient evidence to prove your guilt and you are eligible for admittance, applying for a PTIP program should be given careful consideration. Successfully completing a PTIP program could be the quickest and most inexpensive path to getting a dismissal and expunction.

What happens if I do not successfully complete a Pre-Trial Diversion Program?2020-07-30T13:57:23-06:00

PTIP programs require 100% strict compliance with all of the rules and conditions of your program.  Any violation of the rules will get you released from the program immediately.  If you violate the PTIP Agreement, you will have to appear back in Court to handle your case either by pleading guilty and taking a plea bargain or setting your case for a jury trial.  PTIP programs typically require you to sign a confession to the offense, which will be used against you in Court.

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